Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How easy is it to book a car with you?
A. It’s really simple! You may call us, email your booking details, use our easy to use Web booking system service or you may book a cab via our online app.

Q. What type of vehicles do you have?
A. Our fleet consists of Saloon, Estate Cars, and Minibuses. We can supply vehicles to seat 1 to 8 passengers.

Q. What area do you cover?
A. We cover Derbyshire and all surrounding Towns and Villages.

Q. I would like a Taxi now, how long do I have to wait for my Taxi to arrive?
A. If you are calling from Derby we can provide a taxi within minutes of your call, our experienced staff will inform you at the time of booking.

Q. We are not sure how long a journey will take; will you be able to advise us on the expected journey time?
A. We will advise on expected journey times if requested. However, it is an estimate so we would not be liable for any missed flights/connections (including trains or buses) resulting from any advice given.

Q. I am not sure how to get to my destination; will the driver know the way?
A. All our drivers are experienced drivers who know the area. Where the driver does not know the way they have access a PDA (Portable Digital Assistant) device, which are loaded with the latest satellite navigation software to assist them with directions.

Q. Where do I meet my Driver?
A. Normally our operators will advise you on where you will be picked up. When our driver gets outside the pickup point they will send you an SMS message alerting you to the fact that they are outside alongside they will send you details of the car so that you can identify them. For jobs from stations and airports we will ring you to arrange a meeting point just outside the building/terminal.

Q. How will I recognize my driver?
A. If you rang from a mobile phone then the our system will send you an SMS when our driver is at the pickup point. The SMS will also have details of the car for your convenience. If you rang via a landline you will get a call alerting you to the fact that your car is outside.

Q. How can I pay for my journey?
A. You can pay in advance or at the end of your journey. For long journey, you have to pay a set deposit at booking time and if booked on the day, you will have to pay the driver in advance.

Q. Can we book our return journey with the Driver?
A. Yes you can! Our drivers have the latest PDA’s (Personal digital assistance) these allow the driver to book a return journey for you conveniently.

Q. I have paid for my Taxi in advance, what happens if your Driver does not turn up?
A. Once you make a booking with Street Cars Derby then it is our responsibility to provide you with a Taxi, in the event of a breakdown we will try our best provide you with alternative vehicle at no additional cost to yourself. Our aim is to leave you a satisfied customer.

Q. Can I flag one of your Taxis off the street?
A. Our fleet is primarily Private Hire, which means your taxi must be booked and dispatched via our control center. Not only does this ensure that you will be picked up by a proper licensed driver and vehicle but also means that the vehicle is properly insured. Only Hackney cars can be flagged.